What to wear: Maternity alternatives

One of my favorite pregnancy challenges is dressing my growing bump with non-maternity, but still maternity appropriate, clothes. The best thing about non-maternity, maternity clothes is that you can wear them long after the baby has arrived. And for me, it's easier for me to spend money on clothes that will have a lifespan that's longer than six or seven months.

This season Anthropologie has hit the mark on tops and bottoms. Here are some of my favorite spring pieces. (Because spring is coming, right?)

  1. Adanne Tunic
  2. Melia Peplum Tee
  3. Fallen Stripes Tee
  4. Tisket Popover
  5. Level 99 Floral Joggers
  6. Draped Drawstring Pants
  7. Kimbra Tapered Joggers
  8. Skyscape Maxi Dress

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping in the non-maternity section.

  • Shirts: Look for non-formfitting shirts with extra length
  • Pants: An elastic waist is your best friend
  • Dresses: Anything pull over, with a slightly stretchy fabric, higher waist, and no zipper is a good option