Inspiration: Indoor gardening

Lately I've been inspired to have plants in my home. Maybe it's being trapped inside because of the cold whether and wanting to bring some outside life in. Or maybe it's just knowing that plants are so good for us. But I know for sure, that seeing green in our home, definitely makes me happy, and so it makes me eager to bring on the biophilia. 

Ryan and Connor are curious, and while we've mostly been able to teach them to keep their hands off of plants, sometimes they don't always stay away. One way I'm able to keep plants around the house it to put them in places the boys won't go—I have them on shelves and on counters, in plants stands, and hanging from the ceiling. I'm always thinking about where I can put a new plant, so when I have a few spare minutes, I love to browse the photos of plants inside homes on Pinterest, to get new ideas about how to incorporate more plants. Here are some recent favorites.